Ian Scorey has commissioned a David Bowie portrait mural on the exterior wall of Nambour's Royal George Hotel.
Ian Scorey has commissioned a David Bowie portrait mural on the exterior wall of Nambour's Royal George Hotel. Warren Lynam

Ziggy comes to Nambour

IAN Scorey has two passions in life - David Bowie and his hometown of Nambour.

By commissioning an aerosol artwork of his idol on the wall of the prolific Royal George Hotel, Mr Scorey has brought them together.

The unmistakable image of Bowie in the Ziggy Stardust era now greets every motorist and pedestrian that walks south along Currie St and Mr Scorey hoped it would become a draw card and source of pride for Nambour.

The three metre squared artwork took three artists, linked with Straight Outta Nambour, six hours to complete.

Mr Scorey said the mural had been lightly based on a piece created by Adelaide street artist James Cochra - aka Jimmy C - in Brixton, London in 2013.

The mural became an impromptu shrine to the legendary singer after he died from cancer in January.

A fan of Bowie’s since 1973, Mr Scorey can tell you just about anything about the singer, his music and his career.

But what he couldn’t tell you was how the community would feel about Bowie’s image becoming a fixture of their town experience.

Luckily, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Hotel manager Julie Dowdell admitted she had been a “bit sceptical” when she had first been approached by Mr Scorey, but she was pleased with the finished product.

“I had threatened to paint over it if I didn’t like it,” she said.

“But it looks really great and just about everyone who has come in has commented on how great it is.”

Straight Outta Nambour co-owner Phil said the artwork was completed only using aerosols with no stencilling, which really showcased the local talent.

“It’s in a really great location and the business owners and Ian were proactive and that is the ultimate for us,” he said.

Straight Outta Nambour, an aerosol art supplies shop, promotes a better understanding of the art form and has created pieces in Taco Boy and the stairwell of the iconic Time Machine shop.

Phil collaborated with four renowned and respected graffiti writers to create “the biggest mural in town” behind DropBear CrossFit in Price St and there was a three-storey piece behind the Straight Outta Nambour shop.

“The David Bowie was tiny compared to what we’ve done, but we’d like to see a lot more of it happening in town,” he said.