Some people were unhappy to see hot cross buns already at supermarkets.
Some people were unhappy to see hot cross buns already at supermarkets.

YOUR SAY: Readers outraged by hot cross buns in supermarkets

WITH Christmas barely over, some people have expressed outrage after hot cross buns were found to be already on supermarket shelves.

Greg Gersbach  said it was greed from the supermarkets and they should not be allowed to sell them.

Michael Gill said he was not religious, but supermarkets were sticking the next holiday season down people's throats before the first one was finished.

"We need to have a breather between season," he wrote.

Tina Louise also wasn't impressed, saying that it was "all about money and profits".

But others were thrilled that the buns were already available.

"They are now a non-significant gastronomic entity and as an atheist I couldn't care less as long as they taste good," Steven Whitaker wrote.

Nathan Allsworth said he might buy some today.

"Hot cross buns are awesome," he wrote.

Annette Brooker  said she would buy some as well, but from a local bakery.

Tim Day said hot cross buns were just food and it shouldn't matter when they were consumed.

"People eat fruit mince pies all year round and they are kind of a Christmas treat, so I don't see no difference," he wrote.

"If it was a chocolate Easter egg or something like that, that would be a little bit different."

Rebecca Andrews said those who didn't like it didn't have to buy them.

Mark Abbott said there was no religious significance to hot cross buns.

"They are buns. Enjoy them," he wrote.

"Bake them all year."

 But Wendii Easton pointed out the timing was off.

"Easter isn't till March."