Australians should be ashamed of racism, says Opals star

AUSSIE basketball star Liz Cambage says she's not scared to call out racism.

A key member of Australia's Olympics bound women's basketball team, Cambage says she is sick of racial intolerance in and out of sport.

The Opals centre, whose father is Nigerian, has thrown her support behind the #blacklivesmatter movement that went world-wide after multiple police shootings involving unarmed black men in American.

Cambage in February blasted her teammate Alice Kunek to account when the forward donned a "shocking and disturbing" "black face" costume to a post-season celebration in Melbourne.

Social media users trolled Cambage for being "thin skinned" over the Kunek incident and her subsequent support for #blacklivesmatter has led two a war of words between high-profile Australians.

"If I don't call (racism) out, who's going to do it?" Cambage told Reuters.

"People are scared to take a stand.

"If you do take a stand you receive backlash.

"I guess I'm lucky I learned quite young not to really care what people say.

"I've learnt young to take a stand if I feel like something's wrong."

Cambage was a child when she came to Australia with her mother.

Other kids taunted her mercilessly because of her immense height and dark skin.

Her mum enrolled her in basketball in the hopes it would improve the youngster's life and it did.

The Australian Institute of Sport offered her a scholarship when Cambage was the age of 15.

In 2011 she was the American women's basketball league's second draft pick and a year later she made her Olympic debut in London.

Cambage, who is one of Australia's highest paid sporting stars, said racial intolerance could be found in every sport and at every level.

She told Reuters she was particularly disturbed at the vile attacks on former Sydney Swans star Adam Goodes.

"We pushed one of Australia's greatest athletes away from what he loved doing through racism and through discrimination," Cambage said.

"I feel like the whole of Australia should be ashamed for what happened with Adam Goodes.

"If you want to try bring someone down for standing up for what they believe in, then you should be ashamed of yourself.

"We have such a diverse and multi-cultural country and such a beautiful country but we don't show how diverse we are and we also don't own our history of what happened to indigenous Australians."