INSPIRED: Lauren Vercoe is opening her second Sunshine Coast Zenko Yoga studio, at Acres Noosa.
INSPIRED: Lauren Vercoe is opening her second Sunshine Coast Zenko Yoga studio, at Acres Noosa. Warren Lynam

Yogi Lauren sets up second Zenko Yoga studio on the Coast

LAUREN Vercoe moved to the Sunshine Coast from Melbourne less than four years ago but she's already become a celebrity yogi, with up to 500 people frequenting her Buddina studio every week and an international following through her FM TV show and online classes and courses.

Now the single mum and owner of multiple businesses is opening her second Zenko Yoga studio on the Coast, above the Noosaville garden nursery at Acres Noosa.

While opening a second studio in Noosa was always part of her five-year plan, Ms Vercoe was given a "push” by a client at one of the business networking events she runs through Zenko Business Networking.

"I knew I had the skills because I've done it a number of times,” she said.

"I started to put the wheels in motion.”

For Ms Vercoe, this meant checking out countless venues, many of which she "instantly knew” weren't right.

One day she was passing by Acres Noosa and noticed the upstairs space.

"I looked upstairs and I thought it would be perfect to have a studio at a place like that,” she said.

"Then about a week and a half later an agent who had been keeping an eye out for me gave me a ring.”

She didn't know the address was that of Acres Noosa until she pulled up out front - but she knew before even venturing inside that this was the spot for her next venture, she said.

"It just felt right,” Ms Vercoe said.

"The flooring is beautiful. It's a sound-proof, fire-proof floor; the white walls are like clean canvasses and light is coming through.

"All you can see is greenery - you can't see any roads.”

The garden nursery below is tranquil, with water features and plants. It was perfect for a yoga studio, Ms Vercoe said.

A café and two homewares stores are also below, and a float tank space is soon coming.

The new Zenko Yoga will open mid-November, after Noosa Shire Council last week approved a material change in use for the site, Ms Vercoe said.

"What we do is not just yoga,” she said. "We have women's circles, workshops - it's a real community. It's more of a healing sanctuary,” Ms Vercoe said.

Ms Vercoe's online yoga studio has followers worldwide, with customers paying a monthly subscription to do the classes from home.

She plans to run retreats and yoga teacher training from the space, bringing visitors from around the world to Noosaville.