Hundreds of Qld cyclists caught speeding, using phones in 2019-20
Hundreds of Qld cyclists caught speeding, using phones in 2019-20

Yes, these road rules apply to cyclists too

Hundreds of cyclists have been busted speeding, running red lights and even using a mobile phone while riding on Queensland roads.

The Courier-Mail can reveal 237 fines were dished out to cyclists who disobeyed red lights in 2019-20, while 189 fines were given to riders who were nabbed using their phone.

Only 15 fines were issued to speeding cyclists last financial year, including one who the Department of Transport and Main Roads says was caught riding between 31 and 40km/h over the limit.

The department has warned bicycles are a type of vehicle, and riders have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists when using the road.

"Bike riders must obey the same general road rules as ­motorists as well as the bicycle road rules," a Transport and Main Roads spokesman said.

"Bicycle riders who break the road rules, like speeding or running red lights, will be given the same fines as motorists, but will not accumulate demerit points."



The spokesman said using a mobile phone that was held in your hand while riding a bike was also illegal, even if the bicycle was stopped in traffic.

This means cyclists can't hold the phone next to or near their ear, or write, send or read text messages while on their bicycle.

A cyclist also cannot turn their phone on or off while ­riding their bike or operate any other functions of the device, according to the department.

"To keep yourself and other road users safe, your full attention is needed when riding," the department spokesman said.

The total number of cyclists caught speeding in 2019-20 was down from the previous financial year, when there were 36 fines issued - including nine who were caught riding between 21km/h and 30km/h over the limit.

But the number of speeding fines issued to cyclists was ­significantly less than the more than 900,000 that were given out to all road users in the 2019-20 year.

The number of mobile phone fines issued to cyclists increased 36.9 per cent last financial year from the 138 infringement notices that were given out in 2018-19.

There were also 221 fines dished out in 2018-19 to bicycle riders who ran red lights.



Originally published as Yes, these road rules apply to cyclists too