Mim Mim is 1.5 years old and awiating your visit to RSPCA Noosaville to take her home
Mim Mim is 1.5 years old and awiating your visit to RSPCA Noosaville to take her home

World Cat Day? But isn't that every day?

CATS of Noosa Shire will be smiling at the announcement of World Cat Day today.

Well, they would if they had the facial musculature to do so.

But they do so inwardly - and they do so because they know, just like their lesser feline relatives elsewhere, that every day is World Cat Day.

Petbarn at Noosa Civic will celebrate the occasion by working with the RSPCA and other groups today to help find less-fortunate rescue cats homes, adding to the partnership's successful tally of 23,289 nationally so far.

"At Petbarn we are dedicated to finding forever homes for the thousands of adorable cats up for adoption across the country.

World Cat Day is the perfect time for us to raise awareness around the importance of pet adoption in saving cat lives,” Petbarn manager Matt Weier said.

It's a good cause and you can find out more at www.petbarn.com.au.

Meanwhile, the rest of us who are owned by cats requiring no rescue will ponder our fate should we fail to serve just the right food (coral trout meuniere, m'sieur?), fluff the sleeping-pillow sufficiently, open/close the access windows/doors no matter the temperature - and generally continue our servitude and deification in the hope that in some small way, we are compensated by that slight flick of tail or soft paw to the face to assure us our life's existence is worthy. Probably.

The alternative, as usual, will be a bout of wilful ignoring, ripped linen, scattered foodstuffs and/or litter, or the sinking of small but effective claws/fangs into the most pliant areas of one's flesh.

A Fancy Feast survey showed Queensland cats were among the harshest rulers, with 20% of respondents admitting they were coerced into cancelling planned holidays to ensure their pampered pets remained happy.

It also showed men spent more on their cats, but women were the most affectionate, with more than one in three admitting to spending considerable time stroking a cat daily.

There is nothing to compare with the uniquely selective form of unconditional love that can be bestowed upon you from one of these ephemeral walkers of the earth.

So if you have 15 years or so to spare - yes, it is a big commitment - do yourself and the world a huge favour, and rescue a cat.

* No humans were injured in the writing of this article.