THRILLED: Wally Wallace is happy he can stay at the Woombye Gardens Caravan Park.
THRILLED: Wally Wallace is happy he can stay at the Woombye Gardens Caravan Park. Warren Lynam

Woombye Caravan Park owner revokes eviction notices

A GROUP of elderly men who faced an uncertain future after being given notice to quit Woombye Caravan Park are now happy campers.

The men, aged into their 80s, were last week given eight-weeks' notice to leave make way for redevelopment of cabins on sites that had been occupied by their vans, motorhomes and converted buses.

Park owner Sundale has this week revoked the notices and met with the men as a group and individually to assure them there was no time limit on finding a solution for their futures.

Sundale chief operating officer Matt Sierp said no date had been set on any outcome with the men each receiving a hand-delivered letter on Tuesday confirming verbal discussions held on Monday.

"Each and every one is more relaxed,'' Mr Sierp said.

"They are a lot happier than just receiving a surprise letter (to leave). We are prepared to work with them.

"Following yesterday's discussions I'm confident there will be solutions. They gave us options we hadn't considered.

"We are now working together and with the Department of Housing and I'm confident although it may take a period of time.''

Mr Sierp confirmed the notice to leave letters of termination had been withdrawn; Sundale had told the men it would work with them to find alternative accommodation either on or off site that suits their needs; all had been provided contact numbers to call if they have concerns and regular meetings would be held to keep communication lines between Sundale and the residents open.

Yana Vonta came to the men's aid after they received the notices to quit which carried a contact number for an Australian Tourist Part Management employee who was on holidays.

She said the men had been reassured by their meetings with Sundale management which had given verbal commitments then backed those with letters.

Housing Minister Mick de Brenni and Nicklin MP Peter Wellington both offered assistance as soon as they became aware of the men's predicament.