When a Toowoomba woman arrived home after a night out, she expected her house was empty, so she locked the door.

She was unaware that her abusive partner was lurking in the dark, heavily intoxicated and full of rage.

What proceeded was a harrowing assault that left the woman bloodied and bruised.

Yesterday, the Toowoomba Magistrates Court a 24-year-old man rained closed-fisted blows upon his partner.

Police prosecutor Lynch said the woman lost consciousness twice during the assault.

“The defendant pushed both fists into her neck, bit her on back and grabbed her arms,” she said.

“She was covered in blood.

“She had a broken nose, chipped teeth, and significant soft tissue injuries, including cuts, abrasions and bruising.”

Eventually the woman called to a neighbour through a bathroom window, who phoned police.

Acting in the man’s defense, lawyer Joe Millican said his client had a long-running problem with alcohol and that he was remorseful.

The court was presented with a handwritten letter from the victim, stating she had forgiven the man.

In sentencing Magistrate Kay Ryan noted the savagery of the beating.

“This is an extremely serious and violent assault and this type of violence is not on, at all,” she said.

The man pleaded guilty to 25 charges, including assault causing bodily harm in the context of domestic violence.

Ms Ryan ordered a head sentence of two years in jail and set a parole release date at May 26, 2021.

Originally published as Woman left covered in blood, bruised after harrowing assault