Woman escapes jail for giving pot to teenager

A FORMER Mackay woman who used to drink five to 10 litres of goon (cheap wine) every day has escaped going to jail for supplying marijuana to a teen.

Kerri-Lee Martel, 38, pleaded guilty to giving a 16-year-old boy marijuana and was sentenced at Brisbane District Court on Tuesday to three months jail, suspended immediately.

The court heard the boy was a friend of her 20-year-old son.

Police also did not know about her offence until she told them and it wasn't for her statement police would not have had any other evidence, the court heard.

The offence occurred north of Brisbane in October last year.

Judge Tony Moynihan said Martel was assaulted in her unit and had her handbag and stolen, which a neighbour reported to police.

Martel told police she gave marijuana to the boy who returned her phone after the assault, Judge Moynihan said.

"The offence is serious because you have supplied a dangerous drug to a child; a matter the courts always regard as very serious," Judge Moynihan said.

"The victim, even if not introduced to the drug, should not have been further corrupted in this way."

The court heard Martel had a history of drug and alcohol abuse and used to drink five to 10 litres of goon a day.

She smoked marijuana for pain and anxiety, the court heard.

Martel will face jail time if she commits any offences in the next 18 months. - APN NEWSDESK