Woman could lose children over robbery charge

A YOUNG Gympie woman charged over an alleged armed robbery with violence has been told the state will look after her children if no-one else can, while she is in jail awaiting trial.

Gympie Magistrates Court was told the woman, Anna-Leise Jane Giffin, 23, denied any knowledge of the attack or the weapon, but police say she was the driver of a car involved.

Some of the victim's property was also allegedly found in her "bum-bag".

A sawn off .22 rifle is still outstanding, police told the court yesterday. Solicitor Elizabeth McAuley, representing Ms Giffin, said Ms Giffin intended to contest the robbery charge but to plead guilty to possession of drugs, utensils and a weapon.

A silencer seized from the home of an accused arm robber.
A silencer seized from the home of an accused arm robber. Frances Klein

Magistrate Chris Callaghan rejected Miss McAualy's suggestion that Ms Giffin could be in jail awaiting trial for a longer term than the possible prison sentence, saying she faced a possible head sentence of five or six years. Police told the court Ms Giffin was the driver and partner of the "main offender".

She had attempted to concoct an alibi that she was with her partner's father, but mobile phone data showed this was not true. The victim's property, including his wallet, were found in her possession.

Mr Callaghan said the victim was being driven by Ms Giffin, in the company of the main alleged offender, James Denning and an unknown third person.

Both were remanded in custody to May 14.