Woman choked by former lover: 'She's on the floor bleeding'

HE LOCKED the door so she couldn't escape and when she fumbled with the handle, her former lover threw her onto the bed and squeezed both hands around her neck.

He stopped the woman he said he loved from being able to breathe or cry for help, before striking her face and fracturing her nose.

The 22-year-old man fronted Warwick District Court yesterday, pleading guilty to one count of choking in a domestic setting as well as single charges of sexual assault and burglary and assault occasioning bodily harm.

The court heard the Warwick man let himself into the woman's home in May last year and confronted her about the man she was seeing after their own relationship ended.

"You leant on her chest and held her down," Judge David Andrews said.

"When she tried to roll on her side you backhanded her across the face, her nose started to bleed," Judge Andrews said

The woman's phone rang and and it was the new man in her life. "That's when you said to him in front of your victim, "I've already f------ her up and she's on the floor bleeding, I'm going to rape her if you don't answer me'," Judge Andrews said. "I mention that because that would have terrified your victim."

The court heard that the woman screamed so loud, neighbours rang police.

The man was arrested and has spent the past year in custody.

Crown Prosecutor Julie Aylward said the woman suffered neck pain, nose fractures and a headache after the attack.

"Young men need to be deterred in violence in any form and especially on their partners," she said.

Judge Andrews accepted the submission from the defence that two and a half years jail was sufficient punishment. He took into account the year the man spent in custody and ordered he be released on parole immediately.