Woman breaks law to impress killer dad

A WOMAN yearning for a relationship with her father broke the law under his command.

Samantha Lea Lang Barlow smuggled drugs into a prison for one of her dad's friends, which in turn landed her behind bars.

She pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay District Court last week to supplying drugs within a correctional facility, and other charges.

Her father is a convicted killer, with both murder and manslaughter on his criminal record.

Barlow, 30, sent 19 strips of buprenorphine - typically used to treat heroin addictions - to a prison when he urged her to.

The court heard Barlow struggles with a drug addiction herself and has done multiple jail stints in the past.

The mother-of-four had been getting her life together but relapsed when her dad got out of prison for the murder charge last year.

When she went to pick him up from jail, he was already gone and she later found him dosed on heroin at a hotel.

Her defence lawyer Phillip Hardcastle said Barlow wanted desperately to get clean and gain control of her life, a statement which Judge David Reid believed.

Looking at her rap sheet, Judge Reid said Barlow did seem to be on track to recovery before her dad came back into the picture.

"I do think between her release in March 2014, and beginning of 2017, she tried to clean up her act," Judge Reid said.

"Despite the reintroduction to drugs in 2017, seems to me she's genuine about wanting to reform now."

Barlow spent three months in jail awaiting sentencing.

She was released on parole.