Patricia Anne McIntyre has been refused bail after allegedly swindling thousands of dollars of hopeful tenants.
Patricia Anne McIntyre has been refused bail after allegedly swindling thousands of dollars of hopeful tenants.

Woman begs for bail after alleged renting rort

A 50-year-old woman who allegedly posed as a landlord to prey on tenants said she would do anything to be released on bail so she could continue repaying her victims.

Palmwoods resident Patricia Anne McIntyre pleaded with Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin to be released on bail in Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Friday.

Police will allege she fraudulently obtained a large sum of money during a rental scam.

Police prosecutor Mark Burrell told the court the offending had “unique” circumstances.

He said she had replied to Facebook ads regarding rental properties.

“She has ... taken money from those individuals and there is no such property, or she was not in the position to rent that property,” he said.

Police prosecutions was unable to confirm the alleged sum outside of court.

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Mr McLachlan reminded Ms McIntyre that she had already been refused bail on January 15.

“Once you’ve been refused bail you can’t come and ask again once the decision has been made that’s it,” he said.

“The only exception to that is that if you can show since the last bail application there has been some material change in circumstances where it’s a different ball game now.”

Mr McLaughlin asked Ms McIntyre if there had been any changes.

She said she had spent 52 days in custody and was placed on new medication that had “cleared” her mind.

Ms McIntyre said being released on bail would allow her to go back to work where her employee had held her position.

“I’m very remorseful for what I’ve done and I’m willing to do absolutely anything,” she said.

“I’ll report every day, I’m happy to do voluntary work and get on with my life I just want to move forward.

“I just feel in here I’m going backwards, and I can’t move forwards to actually pay back and help the people.

“I destroyed their lives (and) I destroyed my family; my partner has been harassed and lost his job because of it.”

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She said she intended to plead guilty to nine counts of fraud – dishonestly obtaining property, four counts of uttering forged documents and four counts of forging and uttering.

Mr McLaughlin said Ms McIntyre failed to show why she should be released on bail and he was unable to consider bail.

He said Ms McIntyre had committed some of her offences on bail and probation and had been referred to by Magistrate Maxine Baldwin as being at risk of reoffending.

Mr McLaughlin set the matters for sentence on April 13.