Once stolen, motorbikes are difficult to identify and track down.
Once stolen, motorbikes are difficult to identify and track down. AFP

Without deterrents motorbikes are gone in 60 seconds

Leaving a motorcycle parked without a security device attached is just like leaving a briefcase full of money on a coffee table with a 'take me' flag attached.

It's a bold statement but when more than 1567 motorbikes are pinched in just 12 months, bold statements are fitting.

Research shows motorcycles are commonly stolen in non-metro areas and, unfortunately, they're usually hard to recover. Seasoned criminals simply change the plastics and you'd think you were looking at a completely different bike.

Once stolen, motorbikes are also difficult to identify and track down, so it's recommended you keep a record of the make, model and VIN/engine numbers.

It's also important to think seriously about how you park and store it, because it's not difficult for two thieves to band together and throw an unattended bike on the back of a ute or trailer.

Better yet - consider using a generic cover for your bike so you're not advertising what is underneath.

Lastly, it's worth using a brake disc lock, handlebar, or fork lock with a heavy gauge chain to secure the bike to an anchor point. Doing so will put your bike in the 'too hard basket' for bandits and you're less likely to throwaway your metaphorical briefcase full of money.