Many Pokemon Go players aren't happy with the latest update.
Many Pokemon Go players aren't happy with the latest update.

Why Pokemon Go update has players in tears

POKEMON GO fans aren't happy. Some are even in tears.

Numerous players have reported an update of the app's featured have resulted in their entire game reset.

For those who have spent the past three weeks of their lives wandering around in a bid to 'catch them all', it's been beyond frustrating.

Some are demanding blood - others their money back.

"After the update my account reset to the beginning. I lost my Pokemon and all the money I put into this game," one user wrote.

"I'm trying to stay calm, but why did my Pokemon Go reset and I lost all my levels and Pokemon?! Anyone else have this problem?," another said.

"My Pokemon go app was reset and I lost everything, I was level 14 and I had just caught charmander today. *actually crying,'' yet another wrote.

Already, there have been stories emerging on how to restore the game to previous progress levels by using a different login.

One of the biggest complaints by the game's 9.5 million daily users is the removal of the steps counter.

It told users how far they had to walk to find the nearest monsters.

There have been some positive changes, including being able to re-customise their character, something that was only available during the opening sequence.

Pokémon move stats have also been rebalanced to make gyms fairer, while spawn locations for the digital creatures have also been changed.

There is also a new "lock" which prevents players accidentally swapping their best Pokémon for candy.

There are also numerous warnings including  "Don't drive and play Pokémon Go" and "Don't trespass".