SORT IT: If you collect recyclables in a box or plastic bag, tip them out so they're loose in the recycling bin.
SORT IT: If you collect recyclables in a box or plastic bag, tip them out so they're loose in the recycling bin.

Which bin does it go in?

WEEK 4: Although many types of packaging have a recycling sign, not everything can go in the yellow-top bin, such as soft plastic, polystyrene and coffee cup lids.

Items made from paper (newspapers, junk mail, glossy magazines, egg cartons), cardboard (long life drink containers, pizza boxes), firm plastic bottles and containers, metal (aluminium and steel cans and tins and aluminium foil scrunched into a ball) and glass bottles and jars all go into your yellow topped bin.

To rinse or not to rinse? There is no need to thoroughly rinse out containers. They do need to be empty, but rinsing keeps your bin clean and smell-free.

Keep it loose! If you collect your recyclables in a box or plastic bag, make sure to tip them out so they're loose in the bin. Why? If the box or bag gets compacted in the truck then all the different types of recyclable materials get squashed together and can't be separated for recycling. Remember, no plastic bags or soft plastic.

Lids on or off? You can leave the lids on plastic containers and bottles, just make sure each item is empty.

Remove lids from glass jars and bottles as they are made from different materials. Metal lids from tins can go in separately. Lids smaller than a credit card cannot go in the recycle bin as they fall through and will end up in landfill.

Did you know? Drinking glasses, mirrors and pyrex, although glass, can't be recycled in the yellow-top bin. They melt at different temperatures, so only put your glass bottles and jars in the yellow-top bin.

Shredded paper can be recycled, but always put it in an envelope or a shoe box so it doesn't blow about.

Always have a full recycle bin? If you'd like a larger bin, you can now order a 360L bin or a lime-top garden bin to replace the standard 240L bin. For only an extra $25 a year, the larger bin is equivalent to having a weekly recycling service.

Remember: recycling is great, but it's even better to make choices that don't create waste in the first place. For example, telephone books can be recycled - or you can choose to opt out of receiving them by calling 1800 008 292.


.au/waste-recycling or check out the Noosa Council recycling app - just search RecycleSmart in the App store.

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