50th Superbowl: So how does this game work again?

ONE of the NFL's greatest players, Peyton Manning is playing in his fourth and most likely, last ever Super Bowl during Monday's clash between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

The  50th Superbowl game started at 10.30am (AEST) today at Levi's Stadium; the home of the 49'ers and Jarryd Hayne's team.

Quick facts for Super Bowl 50:

  • Peyton Manning (39) and Cam Newton (26) have the largest age gap of quarterbacks ever, at 13 years and 48 days
  • Adverts for the Super Bowl start at around US$5 million for 30 seconds and US$9 million for a full minute
  • Some of the celebrities we already know who will be appearing in ads this year are Alec Baldwin, Ryan Reynolds, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen
  • Expected audience is over 110 million people in the US alone
  • Americans will eat around 1.3 billion chicken wings on this day
  • The AFC team gets to choose what colour jersey they wear, in even numbered years
  • Cold Play and Beyonce are performing at half time


Here are the rules in a very simple format:

TIMING: Games are divided into four, 15 minute quarters. At the end of the first and third quarters, the team with the ball retains possession heading into the following quarter. That is not the case before halftime. The second half starts with a kickoff in the same way as Rugby League or Union.

 Each team essentially has 4 tackles (downs) to try and make 10 yards (just over 9m). If a team manages 10 yards (or longer) they are then given the opportunity to try and make another 10 yards within 4 downs.

If a team is 2nd and 8, this means that the offensive team is on its 2nd down and they still need to make a further 8 yards to receive their next set of 4 downs.

On the 4th down, if the offensive team is too far away to kick a field goal, they will punt the ball for field position, like in League on the 5th tackle.