Will Bunnings get the tick to open another Coast store?

BIG decisions will be made at the next Sunshine Coast Ordinary Meeting, potentially impacting the fabric of close-knit, smaller communities.

Will councillors allow Bunnings to go ahead with its long-held plans to build a hardware superstore at the entrance to Coolum?

Will Mal Pratt be allowed to develop his Surfing World site at Mudjimba and transform into a service station?

Will the NBN Co be allowed to build a tower in Eudlo close to residential homes?

These are some of the things we can expect at Thursday's meeting:

1. To Bunnings, or not to Bunnings: Barns Lane, Coolum Beach


Bunnings wants to build a store at Coolum Beach. Frances Klein


Bunnings has once again applied to have the land formerly known as the llama farm at the entrance to Coolum Beach transformed into a site for its 12,150 sqm hardware store.

The application also includes a request for a service station and convenience restaurant to be built on the 6.82ha site which neighbours Coolum State School.

Nearly 800 people have submitted objections to the proposal, which has a history dating back to 2001.

The first request was to build a large supermarket on the site, with a nursery station component. Part of the block was also requested to be transformed into a funeral parlour and crematorium. They were partly approved by the council in November 2002. This never went ahead.

In May 2005, the council received an application for a giant Bunnings store. The council refused in February 2006; it was appealed and the appeal was dismissed in March 2007 as it was in conflict with the planning scheme.

ENTER ALDI: In June 2008, an application was made for an Aldi store, the council requested more information which was never provided. The application lapsed in 2010.

PLEASED: Debbie Johnson is enjoying the new Aldi upgrade.
PLEASED: Debbie Johnson is a happy Aldi customer. Francesca McMackin

In 2011, Bunnings bought the site outright and lodged an application for the site to be considered under the old planning scheme in 2015, which was approved.

Now Bunnings is once again hoping the council will approve its application for the site, but council officers have recommended refusal as it conflicts with the intent for Coolum Beach Planning Area, the code for town and village areas and there isn't significant public interest to justify overriding the planning scheme.

If councillors vote against their officers' recommendations, they could expect a significant community backlash as Coolum residents have made their concerns about this proposal clear.

2. Another servo for Mudjimba at Mal Pratt's Surfing World site?

Prominent developer Mal Pratt's Surfing World Sunshine Coast has lodged an application to change a dwelling site and vacant land into a service station with 24 pumps, open 24-hours-a-day with two convenience restaurants backing on to a new housing estate.

100 submissions have been received against the proposal, but council officers are recommending approval as the service station could support the future airport expansion.

However council officers are recommending it is only open from 5am-10pm.

Residents of Surfrider Place, Mudjimba, are angry there is a plan for a 24 hour petrol station next to their estate.
Residents of Surfrider Place, Mudjimba, are angry there is a plan for a 24 hour petrol station next to their estate. Warren Lynam

Divisional councillor Jason O'Pray won't be able to vote on this one as he has received an election donation from Mr Pratt.

If approved, there will be three servos in a 1.5 kilometre radius in Mudjimba, with two already existing and another pre-approved.

In 2010, an application was submitted to transform the site into a surfing museum, backpackers and educational cinema.

3. NBN Co tower at Eudlo

The NBN Co wants permission to build a 41m tower to transmit its wireless network close to homes in Eudlo.


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Council officers are recommending the NBN Co go back to the drawing board and as the plan is in conflict with the Planning Scheme.

4. A development too small for Coolum?

KHA Development Planners has lodged an application to develop its 1.8 ha site along David Low Way in Coolum, near the Element, into 44 lots.

There are 195 submissions in support of the proposal and only two against.

Council officers are recommending refusal as it conflicts with the plan and intent for the area.

5. Aquatic centres plans, Sport and Active Recreation plan, National Competitive Policy and Financial overviews

These also form part of the agenda.