Sam Frost in a scene from the TV series The Bachelorette. Supplied by Channel 10.
Sam Frost in a scene from the TV series The Bachelorette. Supplied by Channel 10.

SOAP BOX: Ban the 'bimbo' label for women on TV

WHAT is it about some people that they think they can slap the "bimbo" label on any woman, just because she's on TV?

One of our very own reporters came out on Saturday with all guns blazing at The Bachelorette, much to my horror. I love that show.

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He admitted to watching all of 10 seconds of an episode, while waiting for his chicken to fry, but proceeded to gleefully rip it apart, labelling it a "stain on society", and calling her a bimbo.

Well I've got news for you, colleague of mine, The Bachelorette's name is Sam. She's cute, but no bimbo (whatever that means).

She's resourceful, a good actor, and her character is kind and earnest.

I love the show. I love how it plays with suspense, and creates interesting conversations about what makes a relationship work.

I have been known to read too much into things … but I love how fun this show is, when the emotions it plays with are so serious. I love watching the guys try their best to woo Sam. I love watching the show reveal how obvious it is that a pair isn't suited.

Most people these days wouldn't wait for the second date before hooking up.

People get into long-term relationships with people they were never suited to because they didn't actually know the person they shacked up with before having kids with them.

Finding out your partner has a wildly different view on something you hold dear is a little surprise you don't need - and one you want to have before you commit to them as a life partner.

Do you like dogs? Do you hate cooking? Would you send your kids to a private school? If you have a daughter/s, are they encouraged to play footy or dance? Can she do both?