LETTER: We’ve been sold an NBN pup by Turnbull

ALEX Easton nails it in his article "Frankenstein's NBN takes us for fools" (Daily, June 7). In 2013 when Mr Turnbull took over the Communications portfolio, he promised a faster NBN, sooner and cheaper and the NBN rollout was switched to fibre to the node from the Labor government's fibre to the premises.

Back then most people didn't appreciate the difference between the two. Now more people have been connected and are realising the inadequacy of FTTN using the old world technology of copper.

Once we were ranked 30th in the world for speed, we are now 60th. The time for delivery to all Australians has blown out as has the cost.

The Tamworth audience on the ABC's Q and A (June 6) made it very clear to the Deputy Prime Minister that they want and need a faster modern NBN. They understand the benefits for their farms, businesses, health and the education of their children.

A truly fast NBN has many benefits to our society and it is a nation building infrastructure on a par with the Snowy Mountain Scheme.

So much for being an innovative and agile nation, Mr Turnbull sold us a pup.


Bli Bli