OUR SAY: We’ll pay if you know your way

CHANGE can be deeply traumatic for business.

Take it from an industry that knows: You adapt or die.

The rate of innovation and the number of tech-geeks fast becoming the new millionaires leaves slow-moving, change-phobic industries caught flat-footed.

And if you expect government to keep up and help you out, you haven't a hope in hell.

Take Uber for example.

No doubt a smart up-start found, exposed and made a motza with a gap in the market.

Debate will continue until each state government set the record straight on the legalities of the service. The taxi industry quite-rightly calls for clarity over licensing.

But the taxi industry also needs to consider what consumers want.

Technological advantage is essential, but it doesn't undermine another crucial business asset: Human capital.

We'll pay an extra couple of bob any day for a driver who knows where he is going, doesn't dupe us with the long way round and who is a good representative of the Sunshine Coast.

If Suncoast drivers provide that, we reckon they will continue to give Uber a run for its money.