Weaving natural magic for kids at Black Mountain

9th January 2018 5:56 AM
NATURAL WONDERS: Kids are inspired to embrace nature at Black Mountain. NATURAL WONDERS: Kids are inspired to embrace nature at Black Mountain. Natureweavers Facebook

TODAY just outside Cooroy, while many holiday kids will be screen-timing or maybe couch "surfing”, a group of children will be encouraged to observe and embrace nature in all its mucky, outdoor splendour.

Welcome to going bush to find lifelong substance Cooroy in true Natureweavers style.

This is the forest school where young children embark on "the wondrous dance between seasons and moons, animals and plants, humans and nature”.

From 9.30am-12.30pm at the Natureweavers, whose catchphrase is "inspiring children to make friends with nature”, will runs a session on how to be "wheel keeper” where they will sit on a chosen spot to start creating their individual phenology wheels.

This wheel is a record of the seasonal changes taking place at that spot in a year eventually creating a yearly circle.

According to the Natureweavers, these children will visit this "sit spot” many times through- out the year "in all weather and all states of mind”.

This all part of the philosophy of wilderness awareness through close observation, which invites children to "make friends with nature from a very young age, and to nurture that friendship throughout their lives”.

They do this by inviting children to engage with their local landscape through play that is rewarding, risky and real.

The ethos is that is in their interest to "fall from trees, shake their confidence and head home with a gumboot full of soggy mud”.

Anastasia Saenko sends her daughter to Nautreweavers and said "when I come to pick up my daughter she is absolutely happy, calm, content and peaceful”.

"She talks about it as if she had the best adventure of her life.”

Helen Zelinski Rutland said she is "loving sending our girl here”. She said it is a "great place to let kids explore and learn in the wonderful forest”.


Today, from 9.30am-12.30pm


Natureweavers, Black Mountain


$60 per child (for children aged 5+). Enquiries to carly@natureweavers. com.au