Noosa mayoral candidate Clare Stewart wants a major overhaul on the Noosa River foreshore facilities.
Noosa mayoral candidate Clare Stewart wants a major overhaul on the Noosa River foreshore facilities.

Promises of jetty upgrades from mayoral candidate

AN UPGRADE and overhaul of the Noosa River jetties and community facilities is on the cards if Clare Stewart is elected mayor at the March election.

This week the mayoral candidate inspected facilities along the river following discussions with commercial operators and stakeholders prior to Christmas.

Ms Stewart said three major issues emerged from her inspections.

The first related to safety at the main Noosa jetty adjacent to the Garth Prowd Bridge which is used by tourists and locals alike as the primary boat drop-off point for Hastings St.

She said an increase in both commercial and private activity has seen the narrow jetty become overcrowded, with large craft challenged to turn in the tight waterway.

Ms Stewart said a viable solution would be the upgrade or rebuild and expansion of the nearby jetty at Woods Bay which is currently in poor condition.

"This would help alleviate congestion at the Noosa Jetty, improving public safety while still providing access to Hastings St," she said.

At Munna Point she said the new Harbours and Marine facility, which is a "very large new tin shed" still appears unfinished after 18 months and remains an eyesore while the administration building adjacent to the shed had passed its use-by date.

"Both facilities have barricades around them and 'Danger Zone' posters along their perimeter," Ms Stewart remarked.

"This clearly is not ideal for young families who make regular use of the river in that area, nor tourists taking in the Noosa sights from the nearby caravan park."

Ms Stewart said if elected, she would speak to state member Sandy Bolton and request a meeting with relevant ministers to see if relocation was an option that could be explored.

The Noosa River offered further potential for improved community facilities by expanding the Noosaville Lions Park across the canal and into Chaplin Park.

The park currently accommodates the Noosa River slipway and Ms Stewart said now might be the time to reconsider its location while providing additional recreational amenities for the community.

"Once elected, I will call for a report on the possibility of creating a marine precinct further up the river," Ms Stewart said.

"I am aware there was a proposal around in the 1990s and now may very well be the time to revisit those ideas.

"I see enormous community benefit in expanding park facilities along the Noosaville foreshore for the continued enjoyment of all our residents and ratepayers."

Ms Stewart believes the Draft Noosa River Plan, which is currently open for public feedback, gives the community the chance to develop a vision for the next 30 to 50 years.

"The river is one of Noosa's true community assets and the opportunity to shape its future use is incredibly important for all residents," Ms Stewart said.

"If elected mayor, I will personally involve myself to deliver the best outcomes we can for our river and I will engage with various key stakeholders in developing a plan for the Noosa River that commits to safeguarding our river for future generations to come."

Ms Stewart said there were many further issues relating to houseboats and boat moorings along the river and said she would make a policy statement on these matters closer to the election.