DOWN THE DRAIN: The Daily's deputy editor is trying to give up the grog as his New Year's resolution.
DOWN THE DRAIN: The Daily's deputy editor is trying to give up the grog as his New Year's resolution.

We make ‘em so we can break ‘em

YUP, we're talking New Year's resolutions.

It's that annual ritual where we, with the best possible intentions, try to turn over a new leaf and plan to be that little bit better in the year ahead.

After some questionable behaviour during his Christmas break, Daily deputy editor Damian Bathersby reckons the time is right for him to give up on his consumption of "grandpa's ol' cough medicine".

He said most years his resolution was the same: To lose weight and get fit.

"Giving up beer is part of that regime and it usually lasts about three days, sometimes four," he said.

"The problem with New Year's resolutions is I don't know when they technically start.

"Do you stop at midnight or can you drink through until breakfast? Where do you draw the line?

"If the resolution doesn't kick in until the morning of January 2 then it's not really a New Year's resolution and then I think, 'what's the point, I'll just start in March?'"

Daily senior reporter Bill Hoffman - who Damo admits is a wiser man than he is - shared some words of advice to his colleague.

"I think your resolution should be to give up resolutions about giving up beer," the Hoff said.

"Then instead of letting Jenna take a photo of you pouring beer down the sink, you can pour it into a glass."

Wise words.

In fact a study by the University of Hertfordshire and reported in the Guardian found less than a quarter of people surveyed managed to stick to their resolutions.

So, if Damo heeded the Hoff's advice to give up trying to give up, perhaps he would actually give up.

Confused yet?

The study also found that of those who failed, "many had followed the spurious advice of self-help gurus - which almost guarantees disaster, apparently."

Now we've solved Damo's problem, what about you?

Are you giving up the demon drink? Pledging to commit to a strict fitness program? Or just trying to be a little bit nicer?

Tell us all about it by leaving a comment below.