AN EMPLOYEE of High Country Tours with Taste has captured the moment a thirsty koala gets a much-needed drink as fires rage on in the area. 

The video, shot in Pechey at 3pm yesterday, shows a koala lapping up water from a hose as it clings to a tree.

"She was sitting very low in the tree and I noticed she was panting form the heat - it was lovely to help her out," a spokeswoman from High Country Tours with Taste said. 

"This little girl has a baby who watched from above. She came down and hopped straight on her wet mummy's back," the Facebook post read. 

"Some happy news from our very sad week in Pechey, Hampton, Ravensbourne and Crows Nest."

Temperatures reached the mid-30s in the Darling Downs yesterday as fire fighters continued to battle blazes near Pechey.