TOOWOOMBA snake catcher Ally Wilkinson dug up a pathway at a property close to Allora to retrieve her first red-bellied black snake of the season.

Ms Wilkinson said it was a "tricky situation," with the snake trying to slither under the house.

"The lady's son first saw the snake when it poked its head up from under the house," Ms Wilkinson said.

"When I got there, I quickly realised the actual opening under the house was too small for me to crawl under.

"As it turned out, the snake started to move under the brickwork, curling itself beneath one of the slabs."

Ms Wilkinson removed the "feisty" snake with care, aware that the breed is venomous. She said red-bellied black snakes were known to be shy, often hiding from people.  

It was one of the two difficult rescues she had performed that day.

"Before this I had been called to retrieve a carpet python that had wound itself around a rafter in a stable," she said.

"When I was finally able to get a hold on the snake, it let go - crashing down on top of me.

"They don't make it easy sometimes."

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