WATCH: Noosa Mayor announces local coronavirus plan impact

NOOSA Mayor Tony Wellington has delivered an important message to all residents in the Noosa Shire regarding the COVID-19 virus and how best to prepare.

He assured residents Council has taken a series of measures to make the potential strain of the novel coronavirus, of which there are currently 46 confirmed cases across Queensland, less impactful on Noosa residents.

This includes the impact on local business owners.

'The Noosa Council does have a pandemic management plan.':
'The Noosa Council does have a pandemic management plan.':

"Noosa council has increased hygiene measures, increased cleaning in our public buildings and our economic development department is looking at ways we can help local businesses," he said.

"The Noosa Council does have a pandemic management plan in place," he said.

"That includes business continuity plans to make sure we can continue to provide essential services regardless of what rolls out in coming months."

'Council has increased hygiene methods.':
'Council has increased hygiene methods.':

Mr Wellington, who is also chair of the Noosa Local Disaster Management Group, said it was important to be prepared but 'there is no need to stockpile masses of toilet paper or anything else.'

"What you need to do is make sure you have two weeks' worth of non-perishable food plus any medications and baby needs or pet food et cetera," he said.

"That really works as an emergency kit."

If residents feel they are getting flu-like symptoms, Mr Wellington advised to self isolate and contact their local GP.

'If you do decide to see a doctor, ring first.':
'If you do decide to see a doctor, ring first.':

"If you do decide to see a doctor, ring your GP or medical centre first," he said.

"So they can make adequate preparations before your arrival.

"I believe the federal government will be creating pop up coronavirus clinics."

The Noosa mayor praised the community spirit and selflessness of the region and encouraged residents to continue to look out for one another during this time of uncertainty.

"We are a strong and very supportive community here in Noosa," he said.

"That was very much demonstrated during the recent bushfire disasters and I urge residents to continue to support each other.

"Particularly our aged and frail people, people that don't have access to transport to make sure everyone has reasonable supplies of essential goods."

The Noosa mayor assured residents Council would keep them updated as information comes to hand.

"This is a rapidly changing situation," he said.

"We are receiving daily reports from Queensland Health and also Federal Department of Health."