WATCH: Lions and crocodile in epic battle

ON NEUTRAL ground, two of the animal kingdom's titans do battle.

This video captured at the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya shows how a trio of lionesses take on an enormous crocodile on the edge of a sandbank.

The creatures are fighting for the rights to feed on a nearby elephant carcass.

In a one-on-one battle, the crocodile might have had the upper hand, but once reinforcements arrive, the game changes.

In the video's description on YouTube, Kai Banks said he and his family "managed to capture an extremely rare event".

"We knew it was something special when our guide's mouth dropped open as soon as the lions jumped onto the crocodile."

The Samburu national Reserve has 50 species of wild animals including, aside from lions and crocodiles, zebra, giraffes, oryx, ostriches and tortoises.


In a group of stills shown later in the original YouTube clip, the crocodile managed to escape but not unscathed.