WATCH: Donald Trump sexually harassed Jennifer Hawkins

DONALD Trump is again standing accused of sexism and harassment, this time of Australian model and former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins.

A video of a speech the United States presidential candidate made in Sydney in 2011 was made public on Saturday by the Huffington Post.

It shows Trump making harassing comments about Jennifer before attempting to kiss her in front of the audience.

Trump owned the Miss Universe competition that Ms Hawkins won in 2004.

In the video, he calls her on stage and tells the audience he wants to get even with her for not introducing his speech.

"Get even with people," he says.

"I'll give you an example. Jennifer Hawkins….

"I was so angry at her yesterday… I thought she dissed me."

Trump goes on to tell the audience Ms Hawkins was his favourite Miss Universe and calls her "my Jennifer".

He then said to the laughing audience he planned to make disparaging comments about Ms Hawkins to get revenge.

"I was actually going to get up and tell you that Jennifer is a beautiful girl on the outside, but she's not very bright."

He later attempts to kiss her on stage.

The footage is the latest to be revealed showing Trump harassing women.

The Republican candidate was severely criticised when audio recorded in 2006 was leaked to the public earlier this year.

In the recording, Trump can be heard telling a television presenter to "grab them by the pussy" and encouraging the man to use his power to get away with assaulting women.

Since then, 11 woman have accused him of sexual harassment.

Voters in the United States have already begun casting their votes ahead of the November 8 election.

Trump's rival Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who is the first woman to be nominated as a presidential candidate, is widely expected to win the election.

The latest election polling data, averaged by RealClear Politics, shows Clinton has a lead of 4.4 percentage points.

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