AMAZING drone footage shows just how far the flood waters have spread across Dalby this morning. 

Dalby residents went to sleep last night to the sound of rain hitting roofs, and woke up this morning to flooded streets and blocked roads.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Peter Markworth told News the heavy rainfall around Dalby would ease and become more isolated, giving time for flood waters to drop.

"We're still seeing some showers and storms across the southeast … we should start seeing an easing trend through the middle of next week," he said.

Mr Markworth said the Myall Creek had reached three metres in the early hours of this morning after three days of heavy rainfall.  "It has started to decrease again which is really positive," he said. 

"It's at 2.85 currently … it's eased down below the moderate level. The actual warning is still moderate."

Emergency services are reminding drivers to not drive through flood waters and to put safety first.