VOTE: Does Canada now have the Earth's hottest world leader?

THE dust is settling on the Canadian election and it appears the people we are most likely to confuse for Americans have elected a male model as Prime Minister.

Justin Trudeau, the leader of Canada's Liberal Party (just to confuse you, that's the left-leaning-side of Canadian politics - turns out "Liberal" means "liberal" over there), has just won a dramatic victory, taking his party from third place at the last poll to sweep aside nine years of conservative rule.

So, naturally, the Twitterverse is amazed at what a handsome lad he is.

There are no doubt plenty of things we could say about the implications for the ongoing world-wide battle between lefties and right-wingers, but Canada's a long way away, so we're just going to stick with the real question: Is Justin Trudeau now our hottest world leader?

We've cobbled together a picture poll of the leaders of the G-20 nations. No disrespect to the hotness or otherwise of the rest of the world's leaders is intended, it's just that there are nearly 200 of you and, well, we don't have all night you know.

Have a look at the poll below and lets settle this once and for all.