Boonah Show has banned calf scruffing after an animal welfare group accused organisers of cruelty
Boonah Show has banned calf scruffing after an animal welfare group accused organisers of cruelty

VIDEO: Boonah Show bans event after animal cruelty claims

AFTER being accused of "mindless animal exploitation" organisers of the Boonah Show have announced they will be banning the calf scruffing event at all future shows.

The banning follows criticism from Animal Liberation Queensland (ALQ) who accused organisers of causing the animals unnecessary distress.

ALQ released a video of the event on Thursday which shows contestants putting fingers into the calf's nostrils with the announcer responding, 'Just choke him out you reckon?'.

The footage also shows competitors pulling calves tails, tackling them to the ground, chocking them around the neck and even slapping one calf on the backside.

"Unbelievably, members of the public are permitted to tackle calves to the ground, pulling their tails and tormenting them, all for fun," ALQ said.

"Calves are sweet, sensitive animals who do not deserve to be tormented by members of the public for the sake of entertainment."

Calf scruffing involves a pair of people working together to tackle a calf to the ground in the shortest time possible.

Competitors have to get the calf into the branding position.

One competitor keeps his hand locked around the calf's head with his team mate tries to catch up to grab the tail and pull the calf over.

The event is widely accepted in many of Australia's rural areas.

Boonah Show Society president Jim Harvey responded to the recent concerns and calf scruffing would no longer be a feature at the show.

"The president and members of the Boonah Show Society wish to advise that we regret any distress (that) the calf scruffing may have caused the animals or spectators at our show.  

"We give an assurance that this event will not take place at any future shows organised by this Committee."

The ALQ group is calling on the Queensland Government to ban calf scruffing after the recent controversy.

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