SHE broke records worldwide with her heart-rending ballads, but it is her rendition of a manic Nicki Minaj that has blown up the internet with almost 40 million views.

Rolling in the deep with Late Late Show host James Corden, Adele hopes in his four-wheel drive for a 15-minute karaoke session.

The Hello singer belts out some of her blockbuster hits, plus a certain Spice Girl track, while having a chat and cup of tea with Corden.

But at the 10m30s mark, she breaks from her traditionally G-rated fare to drop an R-Rated verse that helped forge Minaj's career on a Kanye West's song Monster.

It was enough to capture the attention of Ms Minaj herself, who tweeted excitedly about the cover.

Watch the full video here (Some adult content)

She begins to cover Nicki Minaj at about the 10 minute mark.