USA calls on our students to strengthen partnership

A NUMBER of student leadership conferences will be held in Noosa, and the United States government is footing the bill.

Held right here in Noosa, the Student Leadership Conference will help future leaders of Australia to become agents of change by promoting and advancing the United States-Australia alliance and their shared vision and values.

Titled, Looking to 2040: Developing next-generation leaders and policy thinkers of the U.S.-Australia Partnership in the Indo-Pacific region, the conference has many benefits.

Students will enhance their leadership skills, improve their understanding of the U.S.-Australia alliance and help them grasp the policies that support the U.S.-Australia alliance.

University students and new graduates in Australia are invited to apply, especially if they have an interest in international relations, diplomacy and policy making.

The funding is provided by the United States Government and includes flights, accommodation, travel to and from the venue and all meals.

Go to the website for all the dates and other information.

Applications close on Sunday, January 5 2020.