Maryborough Courthouse.
Maryborough Courthouse.

Dad sneaks drugs into prison in his underpants

A MARYBOROUGH father has landed himself behind bars after trying to smuggle drugs to his adult son in prison.

Trevor Deacon, 48, was busted with 40 strips of buprenorphine and tobacco in his underpants at the Maryborough Correctional Centre in Aldershot in August last year.

Buprenorphine is a drug used to treat opioid use disorder and severe pain.

Deacon pleaded guilty to the charges on Wednesday.

Crown prosecutor Natalie Lima said Deacon's criminal history was littered with five prior drug-related matters, including the production and possession of marijuana.

Ms Lima argued taking drugs to a correctional centre undermined the rehabilitation efforts of the facility.

She said a custodial sentence was warranted.

Defence barrister Clare Hurley said Deacon had been employed at a local plantation for about two years.

She said her client was scared he would lose his job and the home he rented should he be locked up.

"My dog is still there," Deacon said from the dock.

Ms Hurley said Deacon believed his son was being threatened from inside prison.

"He also received calls saying if he did not supply the drugs he could kiss his son's a--- goodbye," she said.

Judge David Reid heard Deacon wanted to move to a property outside Gympie with his son once he was released from prison so "they could have a fresh start at life".

Judge Reid said Deacon should rather have gone to the police or correctional services if he believed his son was as risk.

"Every time I come to Maryborough for District Court there is a case where someone tried to take drugs into prison. People need to learn you cannot do that," he said.

Judge Reid sentenced Deacon to 12 months' imprisonment and set a parole release date after three months.

"It is high time you grow up," he said.

Deacon was handcuffed by police while still inside the courtroom and escorted out the back door before being loaded into a waiting police vehicle.