Uber app back after global outage


UBER'S  popular rideshare and food delivery apps went into global meltdown earlier today, with users in Australia, US, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and India complaining of issues.

Uber has since confirmed to News Corp that all their apps are now fixed and fully operational.

The cause of the outage is unclear.

The problems varied from passengers being unable to book cars, drivers being unable to collect payment for their trips or see where they were picking up customers, and meals that never arrived.

Current outages for Uber. Picture: Supplied
Current outages for Uber. Picture: Supplied


Some also complained of being charged for trips that never happened.

The problem affected the US and Canada the most with everything going down at one point.

Here in Australia the issue mostly affected drivers, with app outages reported in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Uber's support team took to Twitter during the chaos to apologise for the trouble and confirmed a team was working to fix the issue ASAP.

The issue lasted about three hours and appeared to mostly affect andriod phone users, however some iPhone users also complained of issues.

"We appreciate your patience," the support team wrote to users experiencing issues.

Drivers have complained of problems in the last few days saying they would get requests for trips that would 'magically disappear', some also said they were unable to view their earnings from recent trips.

"My app would say a trip request and I tap on it, instantly it was like magic gone... I understand things happen but the new app has caused nothing but problems, including navigation," New York driver Amanda Cady wrote.

"Driver app won't show my earnings for the day, won't let me cash out. Been like that for 10+ hours now... would like to get paid for my work," Adriel Romo complained.

Jay, from Phoenix Arizona complained he has been having issues with the driver app for the last 24 hours.

"It won't show me my trips or money earned, it keeps giving me error messages," he said.

"Looks like a lot of drivers decided not to drive today. I'm hoping this is resolved by tomorrow as I plan on drivin g and need to cash out to put some gas in the car."