Storm skipper Cameron Smith wants to play in the NRL in 2019 and 2020. Picture: Michael Klein
Storm skipper Cameron Smith wants to play in the NRL in 2019 and 2020. Picture: Michael Klein

Two years or I’m out: Cam Smith’s Storm ultimatum revealed

CAMERON Smith is reportedly chasing a two-year contract extension at the Melbourne Storm.

The Courier Mail understands the out-of-contract champion wants to play on until the end of the 2020 season.

There is also speculation the Storm captain - who remains without a formal contract for the 2019 season - could hang up the boots immediately if the club doesn't agree to his two-year demand.

Storm football operations chief Frank Ponissi said negotiations were continuing and suggested the club might bend to his wishes.

"Cameron has been given time off until January and we are in no rush. I have no doubt his new deal will get done in time," Ponissi told The Courier Mail.

"There's no real reason for the hold-up. We're still in negotiations and sometimes contract talks take time, but it's not a sign that Cam won't be here.

"I would be very, very surprised if Cameron doesn't play on.

"Cameron is enjoying his first long break in a long time with no World Cup and representative commitments at the end of the season.

"This is the first real off-season that he's ever had, so we will let him enjoy the off-season and he will come back in the first week in January."

Fox League commentator Dan Ginnane believes it could become a case of the Storm keeping either Smith or Cameron Munster - the Immortal-in-waiting v the Kangaroos and Maroons five-eighth.

"They want to do a deal with Cam Munster. They had as far as I understand come to terms with Munster but that deal hasn't been signed and now it's starting to make sense as to why," Ginnane said on Fox Sports News.

"If this becomes a situation we can only afford Munster of Cam Smith then the Storm have a very, very serious problem because Cam Smith is their now but Cam Munster is their future. It's a huge story if it doesn't get sorted quickly."

The Daily Telegraph reported in September that Smith had already agreed to an extension through the 2019 season for approximately $1 million, but nothing was officially signed.

Retired from representative football, Smith must be confident his durability would allow him to handle the grind of the NRL past his 37th birthday.