FIRE: Smoke billows from Noosa as aircrafts begin their water bombing run.
FIRE: Smoke billows from Noosa as aircrafts begin their water bombing run. Twitter

Two water choppers, 15 fire units attack blaze

NO property is under immediate threat from the Noosa North Shore fire which flared up around 9am this morning near First Cutting triggering a response of 15 fire appliances and two helicopter water bombers.

That is according to Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington during his first fire alert briefing where he expressed hope the Queensland Fire And Emergency Services would have the blaze under control, despite "tricky" wind conditions, today.

Mayor Tony Wellington: "We have just one major fire occurring at the moment in the Noosa Shire area. That fire's over at Noosa North Shore at First Cutting.

"I understand there are 15 appliances and two water bombing helicopters working on the fire at the moment," he said.

"Currently it's not posing any particular threat to private property, it is in fact on private land.

"There is no structures on that particular land. We've got variable wind conditions which are making it a bit tricky.

"We're hoping that QFES will be able to get it under control today.

"All of Noosa North Shore residents have been asked to evacuate the area."

The Noosa Leisure Centre, which was full to capacity over the weekend, has again opened as an evacuation centre for people who have not accommodation options.

He said people across the shire need to be reminded to have evacuation plans in place and "to think carefully what they might do should they be asked to evacuate".