Police are at the scene.
Police are at the scene. Alistair Brightman

Two juveniles arrested over alleged break-in

UPDATE 2.30PM: THE incident that sparked a search of juvenile offenders in South Mackay was an alleged break-in at a McGinn Street home, reports indicate.

Police crews are currently at the un-secured McGinn Street home investigating. Scenes of Crime officers are being called in to assist.

Police are also investigating whether more homes were broken into by the juveniles, including a Hunter Street home.

Two juveniles were arrested in Ulanda Drive over the alleged incident about 2pm.

Police are still looking for a third juvenile suspected of being involved.


Police at the scene in South Mackay.
Police at the scene in South Mackay. Madura McCormack

UPDATE 2PM: POLICE have arrested two juveniles and are on the hunt for a third after an incident in South Mackay.

The two juveniles are in handcuffs after being found in the backyard of a Ulanda Drive property.

Police are still searching for a third juvenile, a male wearing a camouflage jacket, who was last seen cutting through backyards between Denton and Graffunder Streets.

The original incident which sparked the search reportedly occurred at McGinn Street.

BREAKING 1.45PM: POLICE have established cordons at a number of streets in South Mackay due to an escalating situation with juvenile offenders.

Reports indicate police are positioned at the intersection of Amiet and Brandon streets as well as Denton Street, Paradise Street and Napier Street as they search for at least two offenders.

Police crews are currently searching backyards.

It is unclear at this stage what has prompted the search.