GIRLPOWER: Marley Reichman and Olive Johnston Blair at their very productive park stall for climate change.
GIRLPOWER: Marley Reichman and Olive Johnston Blair at their very productive park stall for climate change.

Two climate warriors sell out in a good way

LIVING by the sea has made two savvy young Noosa girls smarten up their actions when it comes to climate change.

Sunrise Beach neighbours Marley Reichman, 10, who attends St Thomas More Primary School and Olive Johnston Blair, 9, of Sunshine Beach State School raised a whopping $160 for charities fighting climate change with a stall of homemade merchandise.

The proactive duo created for sale scrunchie hair ties, pompoms and lemonade to sell at their stall in Rainbow Park.

Olive's mum Erin Johnston said the two were moved to action by all the bushfires.

"They were quite devastated by all of that and they've both got a keen interest in icecaps and polar bears and all of that," she said.

"With the help of Olive's nan, they made the scrunchie's over a three-week period, with a bit of machine sewing and hand sewing.

"It was absolutely beautiful work and the week before they did all their signs."

A family friend then helped them with their marketing strategy including a local letterbox drop the week before and posters around the local streets.

"The girls figured out that the best time to have a stall was either early in the morning or late in the afternoon to catch the walkers," Erin said.

"So they did both and they sold out of everything.

"They were just so determined about it, they were very strategic."

Erin said there was no pricing on the products and asked just for whatever the customer felt like parting with, given the cause.

"One person donated $10 bucks and when they sold we still had people had coming down to the park and saying it was 'a shame we missed out'."

They need not worry as the two are already planning ahead for their next venture.

"They want to do another stall in a few months, I'm not sure what the product will be," she said.

"The girls decided to give three charity options and customers got to choose where their money was going. 1 - fight against melting ice, 2. - habitat loss and 3. - bushfire recovery. They are now donating the proceeds to Greenpeace for their environmental work, Panthara for their work protecting wild cat habitat and the RSPCA for the bushfire appeal.

"The girls are very thankful to all the local residents who supported their fundraising efforts," Erin said.