TV star charged with assault of girlfriend

Channel 7 star Ryan Phelan has been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm against his girlfriend Chelsea Franklin.

The alleged assault took place on Saturday night.

Phelan last night presented himself at Manly Police Station to be interviewed by police.

The TV presenter and his girlfriend live together at a house on Sydney's northern beaches which they purchased earlier this year for $2.6 million.

Ryan Phelan and his partner Chelsea Franklin.
Ryan Phelan and his partner Chelsea Franklin.


Ryan Phelan and Chelsea Franklin.
Ryan Phelan and Chelsea Franklin.

Phelan's contract with Channel 7 was set to end this Friday after the network made the decision to axe The Daily Edition which Phelan co-hosts with Sally Obermeder.

But as a result of the assault charge, Phelan has been dropped from the show with Channel 7 saying in a statement: "Ryan Phelan will not be returning to The Daily Edition effective immediately".

Phelan wrote an emotional post on Instagram three days ago about The Daily Edition's axing, paying tribute to his co-host and telling fans he hoped to be back on TV soon.

"Firstly, I can't express what a gift from god @sallyobermeder has been," he wrote. "Every single day she is such a joy to sit alongside, I love her so dearly and am so grateful to have slipstreamed her talent.

"My mate @tomwilliams70 helped build this show, and I'm so grateful for his ongoing friendship.

"The production and behind the scenes team are some of the best and passionate I've worked with and will miss them all.

"And last but not least, thank you to everyone who watched, loved and supported the show. Hope to see you on the telly again soon."

Before starting his relationship with Franklin, Phelan previously dated former escort Samantha X (whose real name is Amanda Goff).

Ryan Phelan and ex-girlfriend Samantha X.
Ryan Phelan and ex-girlfriend Samantha X.

Goff quit escorting to give her relationship with the TV presenter a chance but the couple split in 2018 after just three months together.

"I have zero regrets about being Samantha," Goff told The Daily Telegraph after the split. "It was a fun, exciting experience. The relationship hasn't worked out but I'm not going back to escorting.

"As an escort I was used to being desired but with Ryan, I learnt how to be loved. That's what he taught me. And I thank him for that."

The Daily Edition will continue for the remainder of the week without Ryan Phelan on Channel 7 at 2pm

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