A SNAPSHOT of racist, sexist and bigoted incidents across the United States have been published on Twitter, feeding into the the fears that President-elect Donald Trump's reign would usher in a new era of intolerance.

The collection of tweets are unverified and unproven accounts from US citizens on what they experienced the day after the Republican candidate won the presidency over the heavily-favoured Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The most jarring of the incidents was posted by a former linebacker Chris Weatherd who woke up to find he car had "n-----" scrawled across its windows along with the word Trump.

Mr Weatherd had previously told his almost 20,000 followers on Twitter to support Ms Clinton's campaign.

Some have questioned whether Mr Weatherd did the vandalism himself, to which he replied:

"Why in flying hell would I? Got waaay better things to do in my life..."

The vandalism is thought to have occurred on the night of Mr Trump's victory.


One image shows two young people celebrating Mr Trump's victory with their faces covered in black paint and posed in front of a confederate flag.

A woman who said she was wearing a scarf recounts being told "Your time's up, girlie" as she waited on a platform.

Muslims in America have been told by concerned family members not to wear their hijabs.

A Latina woman is told "go back where you came from".

Some have remained hopeful that the Trump presidency would be less divisive than perhaps his campaign suggested, after the Republican and billionaire had a 90-minute sit down with Barack Obama.

The meeting was only expected to last 15 minutes.