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Trump's plan to supersize military to counter China

Rudy Giuliani, the frontrunner for Donald Trump's secretary of state, has revealed the president-elect is committed to building a "gigantic" military force to combat China.

Mr Giuliani said this would be designed to allow the US to fight a "two-ocean war".

It's a sure-fire sign Mr Trump's administration will maintain a presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

"We'll take our military up to 550,000 troops (instead of) going to 420,000,'' Mr Giuliani said. "We (will) take our navy up to 350 ships, (instead of) going to 247.

"At 350, China can't match us in the Pacific. At 247 ships, we can't fight a two-ocean war; we gave up the Pacific.

"If you face them with a military that is modern, gigantic, overwhelming and unbelievably good at conventional and asymmetric warfare, they may challenge it, but I doubt it."