Truckie's shock as man walks over, disengages brakes

A TRUCK driver was forced to slam the brakes of his massive b-double truck to stop it from crashing into other vehicles when a Warwick man purposefully disengaged the brakes on his load.

The 22-year-old male was captured on dash cam as he hopped out of his car and pushed an emergency button on the outside of the truck, causing it to roll backwards towards traffic.

The b-double was stopped at roadworks on the Cunningham Highway near Wheatvale when the incident occurred around 1pm on Sunday.

Slamming on the foot brakes, the truckie was able to bring the massive truck to a halt before it crashed into cars parked behind him at the road works.

A woman in the vehicle behind the b-double then stepped out of her car and helped the truckie re-engage his brakes.

Police have identified a 22-year-old Warwick man who was responsible for the crime, which was captured by the truck's dashcam.

Warwick senior constable Gavin McLucas said the potential to cause harm was grave.

Sen-constable McLucas said police were in the process of acquiring dashcam footage of the incident and are investigating what charges will be laid.

The interstate truck driver was travelling east towards Warwick when the incident occurred.

Inquiries into whether liquor was involved in the offence are being undertaken by police.