The truck driver has seen his fleet all over Melbourne but can't do anything about it.
The truck driver has seen his fleet all over Melbourne but can't do anything about it.

This truckie finds his stolen fleet, but cops ignore him

AS IF having millions of dollars' worth of his fleet stolen out from under him by someone using fake signatures and without roadworthy certificates wasn't bad enough, truckie Leon Hennessy keeps seeing his trucks and trailers being driven around Melbourne roads.

And his repeated calls to police, telling them where he's spotted them, are going unanswered.

Mr Hennessy told the Herald Sun while his case had been assigned to several sections of the Victoria Police, they had "not helped him retrieve the trucks and seemed uninterested in solving what amounted to a major theft".

He said he repeatedly called triple-zero after seeing his equipment on the road and told various arms of the Victoria Police where his property was being stored.

"How is this possible? I've done the work for them," he told the Herald Sun.

"This is just ridiculous. I have photos. I can't even explain how angry I am."

Mr Hennessy said he was livid that VicRoads allowed the theft to happen in the first place and said, "there's no way that happened by accident".

According to the Herald Sun report, VicRoads said when Mr Hennessy's fleet of 19 trucks and 15 trailers was stolen, they had returned the vehicles to his ownership.

VicRoads' director of customer and technology Sally Curtain said an independent investigation found no evidence of corruption by staff.

"We have acknowledged and apologised for the mistakes which led to the incorrect transfer and are improving our process so an error like this doesn't happen again," she said.

Mr Hennessy's comments came after a recent Ombudsman's inquiry revealed that criminals had been using outdated VicRoads processes to steal cars and transfer registrations into their own names.