IF YOU cast your mind back to yesterday and the day before, and how cold it was at about 4.30am, then you should be able to get a bit of an understanding of just how keen Trevor Hayman is to work.

Ipswich commuters may have noticed the 27-year-old and his array of cardboard signs by the side of Brisbane Rd, Bundamba, over the past couple of days.

What they might not realise is that this determined job-seeker has done nothing but look for work since 4.30am Tuesday morning.

"I am planning to stay here until I get a job," Mr Hayman said.

"I will go home and have dinner and a sleep tonight and come back again at 4.30am tomorrow to catch the morning traffic."

The QT received several calls from readers yesterday who suggested that the paper should do something to promote Mr Hayman's cause.


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If you have a job offer for Mr Hayman, contact Andrew Korner at the QT on 3817 1790.

After braving freezing temperatures for the past few mornings, he definitely deserves any break he can get.

Mr Hayman said he had a good response over the first two days, including a couple of offers from tradesmen.

Having worked for concreters and painters before, he said he would prefer some kind of labouring work, especially something that was long-term.

Astute QT readers may recognise Mr Hayman - he was seen employing the same tactic in order to find work about a year ago.

"I have only been unemployed for two weeks," he said.

"I am waiting on a call back from a guy who has a bit of contract work as a landscaper.

"The general public has been good - I have been getting a lot of beeps and waves of support - and a police officer even pulled over to congratulate me.