UCANGO Travel Mararoochydore owner Dave Hulsman with manager Gillian Connors.
UCANGO Travel Mararoochydore owner Dave Hulsman with manager Gillian Connors. Warren Lynam

Paris attacks: Travellers set to show their determination

WHILE the effects of the past week's terror attacks will be far-reaching, when it comes to tourism, industry insiders say modern travellers will once again prove resilient.

With the number of global incidents over the past decade, Ucango Travel and Cruise Maroochydore and Pelican Waters owner and managing director Dave Hulsman says travellers are more resistant to the threat of terrorism.

"I don't think (we'll see a significant change in traveller behaviours), travellers have become a bit more resistant to these types of things," Mr Hulsman said.

"We don't see many knee-jerk reactions anymore."

Mr Hulsman said it was a different landscape than in 2001, when September 11 rocked the world and the collapse of Ansett Australia had Australian travellers putting the brakes on jet-setting.

"It just decimated the industry and put a lot of people off travelling," Mr Hulsman said.

Given peak season in Europe had recently come to a close, Mr Hulsman said the majority of would-be travellers were still working through their plans before finalising them in late January and early February, 2016.

Do terror attacks make you think twice about travelling overseas?

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"I don't think we'll see any major changes. Europe is our most popular destination," he said.

He said he didn't expect there to be much increase in domestic travel, but the cruise holiday market, already rapidly growing, could benefit slightly as a result of the latest terror attacks in Paris and Beirut.

Flight Centre's head of leisure travel Tom Walley said their national travel hotline fielded about 70 calls over the weekend about Paris.

He said the calls came mostly from those due to head off in the next week, a pretty typical response.

"We haven't had any customers cancel their travel plans all together and we expect that visitation to Paris will pick up again in the coming weeks," he said.

Sunshine Coast Destination Ltd CEO Simon Ambrose hoped the Coast would enjoy strong visitation in its own rights and not as a result of the terror attacks, passing his thoughts on to the people of Paris and other cities targeted by terrorists.