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Trafficker jailed over $115k ice deal

A drug trafficker who arranged to sell $115k of ice and drove 140km to buy the goods has been sentenced to six years' jail.

Aaron Dean Weston, 30, was on probation when police stopped his vehicle in February 2018 and found 10g of cocaine, 6g of ice and $1750 cash, a Supreme Court was told.

The court heard the Toowoomba father made "unconvincing denials" about the drugs and a search of his phone revealed he had been trafficking to 14 people between February and May 2018.

After the search, Queensland Police began monitoring Weston's phone and soon became aware that he had arranged to sell $115,000 worth of ice.


Aaron Dean Weston faced the Brisbane Supreme Court on Wednesday. Picture: Facebook
Aaron Dean Weston faced the Brisbane Supreme Court on Wednesday. Picture: Facebook


The court heard he told his buyer he was going to pick up "the big one" from a supplier in Logan.

But shortly after Weston arrived at the Beenleigh dealer's house from Toowoomba, Queensland Police pounced discovering almost 740g of ice throughout the property.

Weston was released on bail but was taken back into custody in February last year after police found him in possession of 440g of GBL in a water bottle along with a handgun and ammunition.

The Toowoomba father-of-six faced Brisbane Supreme Court on Wednesday where he pleaded guilty to multiple charges including trafficking methylamphetamine, possessing dangerous drugs and possessing weapons.

Barrister Wayne Tolton told the court Weston had a difficult upbringing and was deeply regretful for his offending.

Mr Tolton said Weston was distressed about losing valuable time with his children and had strong support from his family, who were present in court.

"He wants to put this matter behind him … so he can be a useful and productive member of the community," he said.

Justice Soraya Ryan said Weston's offending was serious because the drug he had trafficked "ruins the lives of its users and brings ruin to communities".

"We see in these courts day in and day out, people whose lives are misery because of methylamphetamine," Justice Ryan said.

"Even if it doesn't kill them, they lose their lives to it. Either because they spend so much time in jail or because life just passes them by."

Weston was sentenced to six years' jail.

After almost one year behind bars, he will be eligible for parole on November 30.

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