Awkward traffic intersection at Myall and Elm streets, Cooroy
Awkward traffic intersection at Myall and Elm streets, Cooroy Alan Lander

Traffic lights threat for Cooroy

IN A major threat to Noosa Shire's no-traffic-lights regime, Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said Cooroy residents could comment on two proposed intersection upgrades - as long as they understood the only offer on the table was traffic lights, not roundabouts.

Noosa Shire has held the lack of traffic lights as an article of faith and the construction of two sets of lights would see that long-term ideal thrown out the window.

The only exceptions to the no-traffic-lights aesthetic over the years were made at Cooroy State School and the cluster complex of three primary and high schools in the Sunshine Beach area, where no safer option was available.

Mr Bailey said concept layouts had been prepared to upgrade the intersections of Cooroy Connection Rd/ Elm St with Myall and Diamond Streets.

"These will be upgraded to new signalised intersections, which the community can now provide feedback on,” Mr Bailey said.

"Several options had been previously considered, including roundabouts.

"On this occasion, roundabouts are not recommended due to the significantly higher construction costs.

"They also take up more space than traffic signals, which requires land to be resumed from neighbouring properties.

"In addition, roundabouts do not provide the same level of pedestrian and bike rider safety.”

Residents must have their say before December 17.

Key features of the Cooroy Connection Rd (Elm St) and Diamond St intersection concept include two right-turn lanes into Diamond St and controlled crossing points for pedestrians and bike riders, while right turns into Cedar St and Diamond Lane would be redirected to a u-turn facility at the traffic signals for safety.

Key features of the Myall St intersection concept include existing traffic lanes maintained and fully controlled by signals and controlled crossing points.

While the two intersections have peak-hour periods of congestion on weekdays, they are relatively quiet on all other occasions.

Residents can visit and search "Cooroy intersection improvements”, phone the project team on 54517055 or email your feedback to