Trad may go but it won’t be for long

If there's one thing that can be said for sure, if Jackie Trad is going down, she's going down fighting.

The feisty former deputy premier and treasurer has never been the white flag type.

And regardless of what happens on October 31, she never will be.

Trad has demonstrated that repeatedly throughout her eight-year state politics career.

Many other politicians would have ridden off into the sunset by now if they'd experienced anything like what she has this term.

Two major probes by Queensland's corruption watchdog, including one which resulted in radical new laws that make it a crime when ministers intentionally fail to disclose their interests.


Exclusive Newspoll results show Greens will take South Brisbane.
Exclusive Newspoll results show Greens will take South Brisbane.


The friction caused over what was the most predictable question of the 2020 campaign (Would Trad return to cabinet if Labor won the election?) showed just how she divides opinion, even within her own party.

Many love her, insisting she has enormous capacity and a greater ability for compromise than she's given credit.

Even some business leaders lamented the loss of the progressive powerhouse from cabinet because among a legion of laggards, she could get things done. Others loathe her, insisting she always caused more harm than good and turned every issue into a fight.

Some ministers now quietly admit that since her resignation in May, cabinet has operated better without her. Today's Newspoll indicates South Brisbane voters may have chosen Trad's fate.

Yet even if she does lose on Saturday, somewhere, somehow, she'll be fighting to return.

Queenslanders haven't heard the last of Jackie Trad.






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